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1) Time & Stress Management  

Duration 2 days


“When you make the commitment to choose what you do with your time, you take control of your life”.

Time management is one of the greatest challenges we face. Businesses struggle in an increasingly competitive environment to get more done with less. As organizations reduce staff and strive to increase productivity, we are all called on to do more in less time. We constantly seek ways to get our work done and still find time for our personal lives.

However with Time Management, you can now learn how to make the most of them. You will be able to gain extra hours by eliminating time-wasters and effectively prioritizing your activities. This stimulating program will show you how to stop letting urgent things crowd out what is really important.

Everyone would agree that stress has a negative effect on productivity. Stress also affects people’s health and personal relationships. One of the primary reasons for learning to manage your time is to reduce stress. All of the strategies that we will be teaching you, have one key objective: to help you manage your time so that you can be more productive without feeling overwhelmed.

You can’t totally eliminate stress from your life; however, you can take steps to change how it affects you. This program will help you to recognize stress, what causes it and how to overcome it.


At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Develop a time management system that works for you.
  • Balance multiple priorities with ease and confidence
  • Learn to recognize and make maximum use of your peak energy periods
  • Improve efficiency in day-to-day tasks.
  • Become more positive and gain a sense of accomplishment from your work
  • Handle stressful situations easily with powerful coping techniques.
  • Raise your self-esteem whilst you lower your blood pressure.
  • Reduce stress in everyday life
  • Learn to recognize causes and symptoMicrosoft of stress.
  • Be more positive and productive at work and at home

2) Achieving Results with Prioritization & Getting Things Done

Duration 2 days


An old saying “Time waits for no one” clearly points out that one could never lock, keep and control time.  Everyone is given 24 hours in a day regardless your rank and position in the society.  We have to manage self in order to manage well the fullness of given time.  If you understand that Time is spelt as Productivity, Results and Success, you will want to make the best use of time to work effectively, getting things done to achieve targeted goals.   It is time to find the golden key to look at the bigger picture, reassess priorities, create plan, execute plan and get results. Human is an innovative creature and importantly, people already have all the resources they need to make things happen.  There are no unresourceful people, only unresourceful state.


  • Learn the key attribute to time management : SELF-DISCIPLINE
  • Understand the power of mapping, prioritising and managing the Big “To Do” Map
  • Acquire relevant techniques to manage home, work and life to create positive balance for an enriched life
  • Setting personal goal with AR Visualisation method
  • Deal with Procrastination
  • Be empowered to deal with challenges on people distraction and workload


3) EQ @ Workplace * New & Trending

Duration 2 days


The challenges of work are many and the ability to manage and work through these challenges is crucial in determining how effective we are at work. Whether personal or work related, a set of competencies are required in dealing with these challenges.

The workshop “Emotional Intelligences in the Workplace” is a starting point towards creating a set of competencies demonstrating the ability to recognize our behaviors, moods, and impulses, and to best manage them according to the situation.

Using a practical and useful examples and exercises, the sessions are tailor-made to help participants realize that their actions create an impact and influence others. The manner in which they communicate and lead determines the reactions and responses of the others. The workshop also identifies what are some ‘self-sabotaging’ behaviors that make people demotivated and become complacent in their performance. Consequently, these ‘self-sabotaging’ behaviours lead them into a sense of disillusionment about the roles and responsibilities at work.

This workshop addresses these developmental needs and is designed to equip participants with a high emotional and social intelligence. This is done in order that participants

  • manage his or her own emotional impulses
  • communicate with others effectively to bring out the best in the other
  • develop resiliency skills in order to bounce back from setbacks
  • network with different people and personalities
  • reflect and learn from life’s many lessons


This program is aimed at helping participants gain a better understanding of theMicrosoftelves and others based an Emotional Intelligence framework. Specifically, the program aiMicrosoft to:

  1. Help participants gain an insight into emotional intelligence, what it is and how they can use it (Personal Mastery).
  2. Help participants recognize emotions in others, in order to respond proactively to the various work or life situations.
  3. Help participants understand their stressors at work and like and identify possible coping mechanisMicrosoft to these stressors.
  4. Help participants understand the consequences of behaviour and weigh decisions before action.


4) Enhancing EQ at Workplace

Duration 2 days


Do you know that emotional intelligence is a critical skill in personal excellence in productivity and results?  Take some of these situations :  Temper flare up, suppressed anger, inappropriate exchange of words, tonality and body language.  All these actions stem from unchecked and unmanaged emotions resulting in many unproductive results such as challenging attitude affecting personal competency and low productivity, unnecessary conflicts, disintegrating team spirit, strained working relationship, low morale in the workplace and dissatisfied internal and external customers.

As the ultimate goal in life is to achieve happiness, one could need self-mastery and management in emotional excellence to ride the storm, to manage people and optimize personal effectiveness.

“You cannot change what’s going around you until you change what’s going on within you”


Upon completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand personal iceberg and learn to identify and express the emotions to maintain healthy heart and head
  • Understand how toxic thought and toxic emotions can lead to toxic health pathway
  • Take steps to rewrite the thinking mind to better manage own emotions
  • Work on issues of self-esteem and building up self-confidence with self-motivation formula
  • Apply the learned methods to mitigate personal, social and relational emotional issues effectively


5) Present Like Steve Jobs * Popular & Trending SBL Khas

Duration 2 days


Regarded by many as one of the best presenters who ever lived, Steve Jobs was a master of the stage. His keynote addresses energized audiences and were so effective, Apple hardly had to spend any money on advertising, relying more on the favorable press it received due in no small part to the magic Jobs performed at the launches of key products and services.

This program is different than any other presentation skills training not only because of the Steve Jobs element, but because it addresses the number one issue for all presenters right at the beginning, “Anxiety”.

Being anxious about speaking leads to many costly outcomes. Beyond the negatives associated with apprehension, such as embarrassment and inability to focus, speaking anxiety not only causes you to present poorer speeches, but you’re also likely to write poorer speeches too. Second, people who appear nervous are often judged as being deceptive or unprepared because the many behavioral cues associated with nervousness — avoiding eye contact, stumbling over words, etc. are also linked to lying or not being ready. Third, being nervous reduces your ability to think clearly, to make effective decisions, and to respond to your audience’s reactions.

By combining an analysis of Jobs’ many presentations, his personal experience of training and personal coaching of various entrepreneurs and CEOs in their public speaking skills, this program will help you make your next presentation INSANELY great.


Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Manage speaking anxiety
  • Create a captivating presentation
  • Control body language to look confident and approachable
  • Increase your volume, clarity and expressiveness
  • Manage your nerves when presenting in public
  • Connect with your audience and make an impact on them
  • Know how to use stories to build trust in you and to connect positively with your staff and clients
  • Understand barriers to communications and how to overcome them
  • Know how to use stories to effectively transmit corporate values
  • Get live feedback and instant improvement


6) The Art of Storytelling*Popular for Manager & Senior Manager

Duration: 2 days


Most people love a Great story, be it through literature, films or merely gossip. Stories drive our very existence and enable us to imagine the future.

We use stories or metaphors to entertain, train, comfort and inspire that transform peoples lives.

The origin of telling stories is as old as language itself, and throughout the ages has been used to communicate wisdom and understanding from one generation of people to another to help us connect to our imagination and explore different solutions.

Throughout the workshop, you’ll discover methods using NLP techniques for building, capturing and maintaining your audience’s attention.

You’ll acquire easy-to-use techniques for finding, selecting, and preparing your stories/metaphors whether they are your real-life experiences, ones you have heard in the past, or re-delivered stories that you take from this course.

How you will benefit:

You will leave the workshop with a great sense of Experience. You will also be able to:-

  • Use More Expressive & Emotional Language in Your Storytelling.
  • Communicate Your Life’s Experiences in the Form of Stories.
  • Understand & Engage With Your Audience in a More Intimate Way.
  • Tell Thought Provoking Stories That Win Peoples Hearts & Minds.
  • Develop Your Imagination and Your Core Communication Skills.
  • Improvise for Engaging Your Intended Audience With Greater Ease.

Inspire Your Audience With Transformational Storytelling


 7) Advanced Influential Communication At Workplace

Duration 2 days


Influencing is a skill that we simply learn as we grow up by copying others around us or based on our experience in life. However, this can be limiting as we may never come across certain techniques and fail to understand that there could be an easier way to influence others. The ability to influence others is an incredibly important skill. Business environments can benefit from the existence of people who are well versed in the art of influence since they can handle situations better, are more emotionally skilled and can mitigate conflicts or difficult situations quickly.

Sometimes we find ourselves in an unpleasant conversation. Most people have a strong urge to avoid such conversations. Some adopt a “silent treatment” as a way to avoid the issues. Others avoid the person altogether so they never end up in such situation. The problem however is not always other people or the nature of the conversation, but the way we handle it. Knowing how to handle difficult conversations such as providing feedback when somebody had done something wrong, delivering bad news and apologising is critical in maintaining and strengthening our relationships with others whether at work or in our personal life. Equally, sometimes we go through an interaction that leaves us angry or upset. Sometimes we react based on our emotions which can have drastic consequences. We need to find out what makes us feel in a certain way and if this feeling is justified. Next, we need to take steps to correct our feelings in order to adjust our behaviour.

How you will benefit:

  • Control the flow of a potentially difficult conversation and learn to focus on what matters the most
  • Prepare for and deliver bad news using a systematic step-by-step technique and handle the reactions smoothly
  • Apologise systematically to show your sincerity and improve your relationships
  • Engage in small talk conversations with confidence knowing how to remain in control and what to say at any moment
  • Break into a conversation tactfully and safely
  • Use the 6 universal principles of influence and learn how to counteract them
  • Say No decisively and politely
  • Phrase your sentences efficiently when selling an idea

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