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1) Performance Management System

Duration: 2 days


Performance management is an important ongoing process of communication between a supervisor and an employee that occurs throughout the year, in support of accomplishing the strategic objectives of the organization.

Performance Management is an act of involving an employee to review their ongoing workplace performance and development. The process of performance management combines information gathered through the monitoring of goal completion, feedback and discussions.

By analysing successes, strengths, learnings from mistakes and potential for growth and development, businesses can develop talent, enhance working performance and weed out probleMicrosoft.

Hence, it is important that company equipped its head of departments, managers with the right skills to managing performance effectively.


  • INCREASED FOCUS IN DRIVING THE BUSINESS RESULTS. Since all goals are aligned, an employee’s day to day work supports the company’s mission. This promotes year-round focus on key business results and driving profitability.
  • AN EMPOWERED AND ENGAGED WORKFORCE. Companies can deepen employee engagement by creating a culture of shared accountability for career growth and development.
  • FOUNDATIONAL KNOWLEDGE OF TALENT MANAGEMENT. With insight into your workforce’s skills and abilities, you can ensure all employees are getting the direction, feedback, and development they need to succeed. You can identify high and low performers, and track and evaluate the effectiveness of employee development activities.




Every Manager, Executive and Supervisory staff must be skilled to handle employee performance appraisal and review fairly and objectively. They should be well equipped to identify the capabilities, strengths and weaknesses of their employees in order to effectively manage the team or department workflow and achievements.

This program is customized by our experienced Trainer to ensure your Staff are well equipped to handle and manage their employee’s performance to achieve the required KPIs, or otherwise to manage them under the PIP (performance improvement plan) program.

This program focusses on addressing the main issues in the appraisals process and to successfully carrying out an appraisal interview and review.


Upon completion of this programme, the participants will be able to :

  • Use fair and appropriate criteria for appraisals
  • Conduct a fair and effective appraisal interview and review
  • Draw up effective Performance Improvement Plan
  • Draw up employee’s KRAs and KPIs in alignment with job requirements
  • Use effective communication skills and techniques including active listening, probing, questioning, including reading non-verbal clues or body language
  • Know How to assess the appraisee and make recommendations
  • Coach and Counsel employees effectively
  • Avoid legal pitfalls in appraising Probationers

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I really like the way he was presented and moreover he also friendly to everyone of us. He have give us
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local courier for Customer Service program

The trainer was very friendly all the while in training and never feel asleep the entire two day training
and I’m proud that I attend this training and gained many information about customer Services. Thumb
up to Mr Manesh

local courier for Customer Service Program

You were the best trainer I ever past. Thank you for your wonderful training. Your lesson make me
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