Your Journey to a Perfect Training
Experience Starts Here

At Performance Insights, we employ a comprehensive approach in training to deliver the best learning experience for your employees. Our training prepares your employees to succeed in real work situations. With relevant training content and an engaging format, we give your employees an immersive understanding of a topic and most importantly the know-how to apply said knowledge in their work to enhance productivity and efficiency that will contribute to the growth and expansion of your organization.

Our stringent selection process means that we only choose high profile, credible and experienced trainers and coaches. With our team’s extensive industry experience, we can connect your organization to the right trainer who will deliver the desired training results. This is how we make it happen through our comprehensive 6 steps matching process:

It is imperative for us to thoroughly discern your organization’s training goals and budget. At this stage, we also provide advisory services to clients who are unclear about the root cause of their employees’ performance issues to help them arrive at their ideal training goals.

Taking into consideration your training needs, our team will conduct research and analysis on the industry your organization operates in to gain a deeper understanding of the finer points or unique provisions required for the trainers or training programs.

We do not offer our clients cookie-cutter type programs but carefully personalized training modules or series. These customized training programs are structured based on your organization’s specific needs to achieve the training goals outlined in Step 1.

Our team will meticulously select the trainer with the best qualifications and teaching caliber to deliver the right impact and impart practical knowledge on your employees. A good match will ensure no room for error during execution.

We will be there for your organization from start to finish of your training program to ensure its smooth implementation. We also provide event management and logistic planning support services for clients who need them.

Collecting feedback from our clients’ post-training enables us to assess the success of the event and ensures that all training objectives are met. Every post-training analysis will also help us further understand each client’s evolving training needs for future reference.



Here’s What Clients Say About Us

Insurance Company

Yes, I definitely learnt something new for this entire 2 days! I'm happy that I attended the training as I
wish to learn and relearn the knowledge of mastering in Excel.

My feedback is keep up your great work as your teaching method is easy to understand and it's very
interactive. The questions given at the beginning managed to let the class to focus in the class as we did
realize that we still have something to learn. I think if you could add in more Excel tricks then it will be
the best like shortcuts and tip to fasten the speed at work. Thank you for these two days!

MNC Procurement Manager

It was a great refresher course, even though I have been using Excel everyday I find the course gave
me a structure way to do my reports and I like the vlookup and pivot tables especially

MRA International Sdn Bhd

I would recommend Siti as future trainer for other course due to her friendly approach and guidance for
any topic of the course at any time.